Xiang Tian Goh

Goh Xiang Tian is a Singapore based professional dancer, choreographer, and educator who trained in both Japan (2013) and LA (2016). Xiang Tian started dancing in 2007 and in these 13 years acquired skills in various genres with isolation choreography being his style of choice.

He has represented & claimed titles for Singapore in numerous international competitions during his competing years. Xiang Tian’s teaching experience extents beyond Singapore, he has taught worldwide at renowned dance institutions such as Sinostage, Kinjaz Dojo and Quickstyle Studio to name a few. Despite his experiences and accolades, Xiang Tian pushes boundaries to extend his knowledge of pedagogy, achieving a Masters Degree in Arts Education and often quotes “we are forever students.”

Beyond dance, Xiang Tian is also a videographer/editor on the side, he shoots dance videos and commercials for companies and is currently the editor of Jam Republic’s JR Reacts Series.