Andy Hsu

Andy is a professional dancer / choreographer based in Taiwan. He started dancing at the age of 19 where he joined and trained with the Triple8funk Dance Crew and moved on to continue his journey with Prestige Dance Crew. In 2008 was placed 4th place in Hip Hop International Dance Competition, during his time living in New Zealand he was trained mostly in choreography and numerous other styles.

In 2010 started dancing for the Taiwanese Pop star Jolin Tsai, after closely working with the artist in 2015 became her choreography consultant in charge of processing all her choreography and coordinating with different choreographer and artistic directors. After years of working behind the curtain in 2020 finally had the chance to choreograph for pop artist Gemma Wu, and girl group Per6ix & Pinkfunk. Andy is a passionate dancer/choreographer and will take on any challenge and opportunities.