Kiel Tutin

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Kiel Tutin began his career in dance after moving to New Zealand, performing and teaching as a co-choreographer of crews 'Sorority', 'Kings' and 'The Royal Family' from The Palace Dance Studio. Kiel's success at the World HHI Championships has resulted in 7 medals, including 4 world titles.

Teaching his signature style in over 30 countries around the globe, he is a positive force at the forefront of the NZ dance industry. He has worked with a number of artists throughout the globe, choreographing music videos, award shows and world tours for music icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Taiwanese superstar Jolin Tsai and arguably the biggest girl group in the world - BLACKPINK.

Kiel is the creative director of the agency '3WJ+boy', providing jobs and building the commercial industry in New Zealand, and founder of 'NZX’, a collaborative team formed of dancers from all over the country.